Requiring Technologies !!
Increasing demands of Chakhao-The Poknapham
Black Scented Rice
Conceptualising Chak-Hao (Black Scented Rice) as the Capital Resource of Manipur
Manipur SFAC linking Farmers’ with innovations and supports.
Manipur SFAC Creates stories
Cardamom to replace Poppy..
Farm News
Agriculture Dept. marching ahead
A Miracle Crop
Prospects and Problems of Export of Agricultural & Horticultural Produces of Manipur
Union Minister MoS Agri -emphasised needfor support in Organic Farming NE States
12th Orange Festival Celebrated at Tamenglong
Including Chak-Hao, six rice varieties registered….
Potentials for exporting Home Brewed Liquor sounded
Pineapple Fest. kicks-off
Manipur’s Usoi cookies- agribusiness potential
Potentials of Bamboo Industry in Manipur
Need for planned proposal for promting Chak-Hao of Manipur
Line Deptt not involved in Make in Manipur project
Flower Festival of Mao-a gateway to floribusiness
Flower exhibition at Mao
Scope for enhancing state’s Per Capita Income…
Potential for cultivating high valued crop Super seed.
Plight of Food processing Units in Food Park !!!
State’s Fruit Requirement ????
Potentials for generating income from traditional distillery
Model Bankable Projects (Horticultural Crops)
Agro-wastes-sustainable source of energy
U-morok farming in Poly bags.
Kabokang(floating weeds) helps increasing state’s economy-Naharolgi Thoudang
Area & Prodn. of Hort.Crops Manipur
Area & Production Hort.Crops
Area and Production of Agricultural Crops.
Ngari processing need to comply with food safty rules.
e-book on Agri-Business
Chilli Festival in Ukhrul District
“A Miracle Crop”
Product of Miracle Crop- ‘Soymilk’- The Sangaiexpress Daily
“A Miracle Crop”-Waiting for product diversification
Mahindra & Mahindra entering agribusiness
A forever Spice- The Sangaiexpress
A Forever spice
An income generating aquatic plant of Manipur-The Peoples Chronicle
Potentials for Potato chip production (PPP) mode-The Sangaiexpress Daily
PPP mode-Potato chip production.
Guidelines for implementation on National Mission on Food Processing during 12th Plan
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Demand for Acorus calamus- The Poknapham Daily
Rediscovery of anti cancer plant- The Assam Tribune
Promoting women entrepreneurs-The Peoples Chronicle Daily
Demand for Bamboo Charcoal-Poknapham Daily
Energy booster plant thrives in Ukhrul district of Manipur
Scope for genearting income from medicinal herb
Scope for switching over to Small Volume High Value Crop
Converting Weed to Wealth- The Sangai Express Daily
Diversifying Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa Linn.) as Medicinal Plant-The Sangai Express Daily
Wealth of Waste
Converting into Small Volume High Value Product-The Sangai Express
Converting into Small Volume High value product
Need for diversification for increasing farm income- The Sangaiexpress Daily
Need for diversification for increasing farm income
Eryngium foetidum-scope for a flourishing agri-business
Attractive alternatives for Landless Farmers
Venture Capital Assistance of SFAC for power generated by Husk
Biomass project for generating power
Entrepreneurs Welfare Policy
Nagpur taps Power from bio-mass
Revenue collection of Power Consumption in Manipur
Hidden Treasure of our Bio-resource
An attractive alternative – “Electricity from Rice Husk”
Untapped potentials of agro wastes worth Rs.20.41 crores
Promoting Farmer Producer Organisation
Scope for converting into Rs.53.12 crores from banana pseudostem
Polluting environment at the cost of Rs.31.80 crores (approx)
Scope for eco-friendly perfumery industry in Manipur
Scope for converting ‘Weed’ to Wealth
White Vegetables
A Universal Donor
Super Antioxidant
Venture Capital Projects (VCA) Sanctioned in Manipur
A Devine Fruit
Shiitake Mushroom
Wild Orange
Bamboo Shoots
Kachai Lime
Passion Fruit
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