Venture Capital Projects sanctioned in Manipur


Name of PIA



VCA sanctioned

1. Association for Extensive Growers Innovative Service (AEGIS) at Matai, Imphal West -795002     Fruit processing (Juice,Jam, Jelley, Canning  etc.) 

Rs.28.00 lacs

2 Bisra Industries Pvt. Ltd. Takyel Industrial Estate, Imphal West- 795004     Fruit processing and Blowing of bottles.

Rs.4.57 lacs

3 Renaissance Industries, Nagamapal Lamabam Leikai Imphal West-795004    Processing of Spices

Rs.6.61 lacs

4 Exotic Juices Ltd. Punanamei Mao Manipur -795150    Passion Fruit processing Plant (Juice concentration and RTS)

Rs. 46.02 lacs

5 Integrated Shiitake Mushroom Producing & Processing Society Senapati, Manipur-795106     Shiitake Mushroom Production & processing.

Rs.8.46 lacs.

6 Eastern Agro Industries, Sangaiprou Imphal West-795001     Production of Spray Powder of fruit Juices.

Rs.4.46 lacs

7 Shanti Estate, Kwakeithel Nganapithong, Imphal West-795001    Essential Oil distillation Plant

Rs.3.43 lacs.




Thangjam Agro Industries, Chingmeirong Mamang Leikai, Imphal East-795001. 

Korouhanba Spices Industry, Keitelmanbi,Imphal West Manipur

   Processing of Fruits (Squash, Jam, Jelly, Pickles etc) 


Processing of Spices

Rs.9.38 lacs



  1. Venture Capital Assistance amount sanctioned in favour of Integrated Shiitake Mushroom Production & Processing Society Senapati is still parked with SBI Senapati, waiting for completion of official formalities.
  2. Venture Capital Assistance amount sanctioned in favour of Eastern Agro Industries, Imphal West Manipur has been paid back.

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