It needs no introduction that Manipur State has a good potential for promotion of aggressive Agri-business investment especially in small volume high value commodities like Medicinal & Aromatic Plants on the one hand and processed food products of heavy agricultural commodities like oranges, pineapple and passion fruits, ginger, turmeric etc on the other.

Manipur is one in the world’s scenario accounted for its low degree of chemical agriculture where organic farming can be brought with certain promotional programmes such as establishment of Biofertiliser manufacturing unit, Vermihatchery Units, promotion of opening of Vendors for organic inputs and primary foods to accelerate switching over from chemical agriculture to organic farming to attract global market. So far so good the whole activities of Manipur SFAC may be assumed as homework for further expansion of business.

Manipur appears to be polarizing in the right direction to fit into the proposed Plan for an aggressive promotion of Agri-Business investment. However, in order to participate in such aggressive Agri-Business investment, Manipur is yet to come up with a total database supported by an organised techno economic survey to identify the magnitude of resources throughout the entire state as the state is adorned with a wide range of agro climatic conditions which harbour similar range of bio-diversity. The matter though already felt by the state Govt. could not be taken up for want of synergetic approach to break the ice. Now that a plan has been formulated by the Central SFAC to promote Agri-Business investment in a pervasive way that will open a new chapter especially for Manipur if this new idea be could be sensitized to the Investors and producer groups.

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